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What is GigNote?

GigNote is a platform for musicians to find and create gigs and connect with each other! Find memorable Gigs, make friends, and make some noise! Whether you are amateur or professional, GigNote makes it easy for musicians to promote themselves and find gigs, whether they be for virtual or in person events! One the flipside, GigNote empowers hosts to source local talent in order to create authentic and memorable experiences quickly and easily.

What the Gig?!

Whether you're running a venue, managing a band, or just looking for someone to duet with, Gigs are how you get the word out about upcoming musical events. Creating a Gig is simple! Explain who or what you're looking for, and where and when the event will be taking place.


Chatting with other users is easy, and a great way to figure out if you are gig compatible. You can even create group chats! GigNote comes ready with features to make it easy to connect with other musicians, and secure Gigs. Message users, form group chats, and connect!